Sunday, September 18, 2005


Friday night we went on a huge furniture binge at the Houston Ikea (well, it's not technically a binge since we only bought stuff we really needed, but either way, it was a hell of a lot of stuff). It's a bit of a shock. In the matter of a few short weeks our home decor has gone from 19th-century-frayed-at-the-edges-Creole-eclectic to post-millenial-Scandinavian-lounge-chic. When we do eventually move back home they'll get all mashed up together. It will be cool.


We saw our dear friend Fay (wife of Jeff) and her darling kiddos today. They've been residing in Houston for the time being. Once again, it's great seeing our folks from home.


We're trying to make the best of our time in Austin. Barton Springs is one of my new favorite places on Earth.


  1. Creole-eclectic-Scandinavian-lounge-chic?

    Sounds pretty darn cool to me. Hey, I'm glad that there is some semblance of normalcy for you and your family. Horse rides, friends, IKEA trips (mmm...meatballs!), beautiful parks, and, oh yeah, mustache Friday.

  2. You have found a little bit of paradise in your exile. Barton Springs is one of the reasons that Austin is second on my list of places I would move to in a heartbeat - Hawaii is first.

    May your exile become an adventure and everyone richer for it.

  3. Joke of the day....

    Mr. Bush was asked his position on Roe Vs Wade. He answered that he really didn't care how people got out of New Orleans...

    Oh cummon...its just a joke!