Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Thank You, Jeff

I just saw Jeff, one of our closest friends in the world, on CNN. He's a doctor, and right now he's in New Orleans doing whatever he can, helping out the people of our city (they keep on looping his clip - CNN seemed particularly interested in the gun on his hip, but it's not about the gun). He's there doing it regardless of the absence of reasonable support. He's there doing it because he's a good man, he cares about people, and he loves our city. Jeff, we're all so proud of you.


  1. I saw that too...they were much more interested in the gun than in him staying. Very irritating.

  2. As much as I am the world's most anti-gun person, I think that having a gun is fairly crucial at this moment in NOLA... but why CNN had to obsess over it is ludicrous.

  3. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Gotta love the freedom to own guns!!! This isn't totally the Land of the Free but it's got its advantages. It's just a shame too many people screw up advantages like by blowing people away with guns. If anyone's anti-gun they also ought to be anti-baseball bat 'cause those kill people, too. So do cars. And box cutters... if anyone's anti-gun they sure as heck ought to be anti-car 'cause that can be used as a weapon and ought to also be anti-box cutter 'cause even worse than using a car to murder someone a box cutter can be used to help turn a jetliner into a missile.

    yes, yes, we surely ought to ban cars and baseball bats and box cutters in this America, just as guns ought to be banned. they can all be used as a weapon to kill from one person to almost 3,000. Let's take away our freedom to own shoes with shoelaces which can be used to strangle a person. I am hereby calling on all Senators to see this through. In fact, why don't we all lock ourselves up in our own personal jails with no physical interaction at all because afterall, one's hands can be used as a deadly weapon, too.