Monday, September 12, 2005

Today's Notes

Zack and Ana arrived here in Austin earlier than expected. They had intended to spend a little longer in Mississippi packing up their home, but it was just too depressing. Power in their region is still out (although, curiously, it was on at the Wal-Mart - that pact with the devil is really working out for them). Everything is still a mess. And the railroad tracks a hundred yards from there house have been turned into a giant military and utility staging ground with hundreds of vehicles and giant klieg lights burning through the night.

It's good to see them.


Memorial Hospital, the hospital in the news today where they found 45 dead bodies, is just around the corner from our house. I used to walk my dog past it everyday. Awful.

And the strange disconnect continues. The little places of our daily life at home are everpresent in the news but entirely inaccessible in our actual lives.


It's fun driving around Austin. I always like learning new cities. Even if I have no idea what the hell I'm doing here.


  1. Well, among many other things, you're participating in the nation's first blogged disaster.

  2. Anonymous12:48 PM

    You are a marvel. Thanks for showing us a very personal side of "the nation's first blogged disaster". Your spirit is a beacon for the rest of us. Keep on keeping on (and do go see the bats emerge from under the bridge at sunset). Our thoughts are with you.

  3. Cool. Bloggy-history in the making. Sounds like a dissertation waiting to be written.