Tuesday, September 20, 2005

We Will Rebuild (or The Return of the Mustache Joke)

This blog use to be funny. Recently it has been less funny. This blog use to have many running jokes. Recently it has had less running jokes. We use to joke about mustaches. Recently we have not joked about mustaches. But tonight I offer this pledge to the American people. We will do what it takes, we will stay as long as it takes, to help this blog to be funny again. We will rebuild the mustache joke.

And all who question the future of Slimbolala need to know, there is no way to imagine Slimbolala without the mustache joke. This great joke will rise again.

To that end I present the following pictures, sent to me by "Hilary", wife of "John". They were taken in a simpler time, a time when hot New Orleans nights sparkled with the laughter of hundreds of raucous Mustache Parties (alright, this is the only mustache party I've ever been aware of, but there should be hundreds). I had completely forgotten about them until they showed up in my mailbox.


Yours truly avec mustache (I think the "wife beater" is a nice touch too).

The lil lady con 'stache.

Maysey et moi.

"John" (king of "cracker packers") dons the lip fur. Hilarity ensues.

That felt good. Didn't it?


  1. Slimbolala (I'm feeling the need to give you a nickname here), you're my hero. Hands down. Or mustaches on.

    Can I come out of quarantine now?

  2. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Oh I love this. You look awesome! And it actually brings back some great memories for me. At the end of May I attended my first ever Annual Reubens Awards for the National Cartoonists Society. That's like the Oscars for cartoonists. Every year they have a roast in honour of some established, highly respected cartoonist. This year they roasted the cartoonist Sergio Aragones; he's been a regular contributor for MAD Magazine for many, many years. Anyway, Sergio has a big fat mustache, so everyone at the roast got their own fat mustache to wear all evening. It was a blast. So I can actually relate to your mustache party, but I can't compete with how cool you look!

  3. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Sadly this is not funny to me, as mustaches are the hot new trend in New York City, where I am exiled, and so I am in constant fear of finding a mustache lash in my drink or dinner. It is not comforting to me to know what my friends look like with mustaches.

    Sorry to be a glum plum.

  4. Dear Glum Plum,

    I believe mockery of those very same greasy, mustachiod hipsters was, in fact, the origin of our resident mustache joke. If I'm not mistaken, we were speculating that the granny-lounge-suit was going to replace the retro-mustache as the new pinnacle in ironic hipster apparel. Would it make you feel better to know what we all look like in granny suits?