Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We've Come a Long Way, Baby!*

At about four o'clock this afternoon Sarah and I realized that today marks fifteen years together as a couple.** Considering that recently we can barely remember our names, the fact that we remembered at all is a remarkable accomplishment. Whoo hoo!

* From now on I'm going to try to reference cigarette slogans in all my post titles (not really).

** We met the first day of college. We're not actually, you know, like, really old.

Note: Hey, look! Footnotes are back. And I'm actually trying to be humorous. There was a time many moons ago (well actually it was just a little over two weeks ago, but it feels like an eternity) when this blog was sort of funny. Does anyone remember that? The phoenix shall rise!


  1. Anonymous11:03 PM

    dude! you're really back! waaaaay cool! everything's gonna be all right now...

  2. Anonymous11:47 PM

    David and Sara---
    This is one moving, tender blog. Our mutual friend in Portland, Deb, sent me the link yesterday, and I have now sent it on to other family. We met at Thanksgiving dinner at Alys and George's house (now gone, I fear) a few years ago. Hope that you find a coffee shop and start to weave a community soon. And congrats on 15!

  3. hell yeah the phoenix shall rise.

    congrats on 15 and getting your sense of humor back

  4. 15 years...wow.

    Congrats, of course!

  5. congrats on 15 years that is awesome.

  6. Fifteen years and still so young is awesome. Here's to your fiftieth!

  7. I'm a first time visitor, Patricia from Toronto wrote a blog entry about you. But I see Rhya from Toronto is here too. Half of Toronto must be here. I am in Toronto too. We'll all celebrate your 15 years!