Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Home" Again

Great to be back with the famille. Lou's still a wee bit cagou, but on the mend. I sure missed them.

Cagou Lou, fallen asleep in her bath.

It's funny what one can get used to. After two weeks in N.O., Austin strikes me as incredibly crowded, and I'm vaguely thrown by the absence of National Guard patrols.

Oh, check out what the Times-Picayune has to say about me and my mold.* Of course, by "teacups" they actually mean demitasses. But in these times of crisis, all is forgiven.

* And keep an eye out for the bold, new musical, Me and My Mold, coming to Broadway this spring.


  1. Well, aren't you the man in the news! And now we all know what you do and where you live. Goodness.

    It's good to know that something can be done about the mold. Now, what about those termites that I read about in Harper's?

  2. I'd forgotten about your demitasse collection. Hurrah for elevated shelving! (Yeah, it's come to that -- cheering on different types of furniture fixtures.)

    "Me and My Mold" should be the bonus presentation on the "Learning About Mold" DVD mentioned in the article.