Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Live Blogging from Fort Worth!

God forbid I should stay in one place for more than, like, a day. After a single night in Austin I'm now in Fort Worth for a wee spell, traveling for work. It's OK. It's good to have an income again, and it should be only a brief visit.

And it was good to see my old co-workers. I still have a strong visceral response whenever I'm around a group of transplanted New Orleanians. Within the first minute the question inevitably arises, "How's your house?" We share little laments, chat about neighborhoods, catch up. Regardless of our many differences, we share the bond of this exceptional experience.

So, what does one do in Fort Worth?


  1. There's a blogger in Fort Worth (well I'm sure there are lots of them), but the one I read is texastrifles.blogspot.com

    If you'd like Fort Worth advice, she says you're welcome to contact her.

  2. You can go to the Pancho's. There's always something exciting going on there...