Tuesday, October 18, 2005

No Pets Found Inside

This is the front of our house. There are similar signs on thousands of other houses across New Orleans left by animal rescue groups: "1 cat rescued 9 - 31", "2 dogs rescued", "cat colony here ->", "3 cats rescued". It's a new feature in the cities already distinctive landscape

I admire what these folks did. They saved the life of our tenant's cat. They saved the lives of thousands of other animals across the city. It was a truly decent thing to do.

I must add this though. Animal rescue folks - big hearts, small organizational skills. The first group broke into our house and actually rescued the cat. That's good. The second group broke in, found no cat, and then spray painted "no pets found inside". Understandable - it's a chaotic situation - lines of communication are jumbled. But while I was there, every day, weeks after the fact, multiple groups of animal rescue folks would come by and, despite the clear marker, try to re-rescue the cat. I would have to explain that it was long gone. They would then try to re-rescue the neighbors cats and I would have to explain that those, too, were long gone. It was actually kind of painful to watch, all those good intentions with nowhere to go. I almost wanted to just bring in impostor cats for them to rescue just to validate their efforts.

Oh, well. Such, sometimes, is life.



  1. You'd think they could find a painted, not wood-grain, surface to spray-paint over. All I could think of looking at that was that it's going to be a bitch to get off -- though I suppose (well, I more than suppose) that's the least of your worries.

    Of course being the dude with the spraypaint is probably the most fun part of the whole operation, so I can see the temptation...

  2. Well, there was inevitably a bit of grousing among some residents that the tags always tended towards the the spacious and verbose, sometimes including complicated sentence constructs. A concise system of symbols, like those used by the human rescue teams, would have been nice.