Saturday, October 15, 2005

Oh, Sweet Jesus!

Life is good. We're on vacation! Whoo hoo! Last night we arrived at my parents farm here in rural Virginia where we'll be for several days, being pampered, getting help with the kids. And then? Then we head up the East Coast for a few more days, alone, sans kids (I love my kids but... ) to visit a slew of friends in various major metropoli. Fantastique!

It's strange saying we're on "vacation". The word usually implies a break from the routine, the humdrum, the everyday. In this case we're taking a break from the chaotic, the rootlessness, the weird - a little dose of the warm and familiar - and a chance to recharge.

Whatever. It's good.


  1. What part of rural VA? I live in Harrisburg, PA, but work in Richmond, VA. My in-laws live on the Chesapeake Bay in another rural part of VA.

  2. Outside of Charlottesville. Schuyler, VA, Home of the "Waltons". Whoo-hoo! Go, John Boy!