Friday, October 07, 2005

Smite, If You Will...

...but Sodom and Gomorrah shall rise again!

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that the bars are leading the way to economic recovery. If you follow this logic to it's end, you will deduce that Bourbon Street is the most fully recovered place in New Orleans.

So when we went out last night, that's where we went. And we sat around drinking big silly, excessively sweet drinks (actually I drank bourbon because that stuff is nasty, but anyway...), and we talked about how good it was to see the Quarter coming back to life.

There are two funny things about this:
  1. In all my prior years living in New Olreans, I have never "spent an evening" on Bourbon street. There have been evenings that included brief strolls coming or going from other places, but even those are few and far between. The notion that a "return" to Bourbon Street is a return to normalcy is dubious.
  2. Bourbon Street looks almost like before, but everythings a little weird. It's full and busy, but it's full and busy with National Guardsmen, and off-duty cops, and off-duty reporters, and off-duty contractors. They're acting like tourists but they're not. They're the strange collection of people our city is packed with right now. Besides Fay, Jeff, and I, everyone in our group was either law enforcement or media: N.O.P.D., F.B.I., CNN, ABC. The cops were telling cop stories. The media folks were networking, and swapping media tips. Strange business.
I'm sleepy. It's bed time. I hope to get out of here in a couple of days and get back to my family. Goodnight, and as always, ciao, belli.


  1. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Well I wish I wuz in New Orleans.
    I can see it in my dreams -
    Arm in arm down Burgundy,
    A bottle and my friends and me.

    (Tom Waits)

  2. Anonymous11:23 PM

    I recall that the only time I have ever been to Bourbon Street, I was in the company of a certain soon-to-be-wed Slimbolala and it was night, and there were thousands of gay men out for Decadence, and it was The Best Bachelor Party Ever.
    Began with a long cab ride to a dive for one drink (the only one any of us had that night), another long cab ride to a club with a 5 buck cover and we got there just in time to hear the final chord and the "thankyouverymuch," followed by another cab ride to the Quarter for some reason--I think an ATM was involved but I don't know why--and in the Quarter we swam through the sweaty throng to another cab back to Slimb's place for a dinner consisting of lunchmeat eaten straight out the bag with forks.

  3. Ah, yes! Talk about Sodom and Gomorrah. Sweaty throngs of gay men. Lunch meat from the bag. No wonder God hates us.