Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We Still Got Cultcha', Darlin'

Apparently it's Promote Regional New Orleans Artsiness and All-Around Fanciness Day:

Let's refresh. Where are we at in the redevelopment of the local economy? Bars? Sure. Restaurants? Okay. What next? Bookfairs, obviously. Remarkably, the 4th Annual New Orleans Bookfair is up and running this Saturday.

Alright, I confess. I've never actually been to this particular bookfair, but when they asked me to talk it up I gladly obliged. It's got a bunch of folks from a bunch of punky-funky-indie-zine-y publishers and whatnot, including the folks who published this fine book, so it must be good. It's free. It's from 10 to 6.

And come on. A bookfair, in New Orleans, now. You've got to respect that. If I wasn't in Fort Worth I'd be there with bells on. But alas, I and my bells are here so it is incumbent upon you, you, denizens of our fair city to make magic happen. Show some love. Go forth and be bookish.

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