Monday, November 21, 2005

And You Thought We Were Joking

This whole Martian Law thing just got a lot weirder. Check this out. Really. You'll like it.

Thanks to the Fungible Resource for the hot tip.


  1. WHAT utter wackotery!

  2. This is AWESOME.
    Down to the weird typographical errors that make the whole thing read like it was written by a not-quite-proficient English speaker (or like it was transcribed by the same folks who close-caption FOX News on bar TVs).

    I am glad to know, though, that crime will not be a problem for(sic) Mars. Not right away, anyway. Good for Mars.

  3. The printing was very tiny, grey on white. I had to highlight it, and copy it to Wordpad. I am sorry I did. It was not worth the trouble.