Monday, November 14, 2005



  1. Anonymous2:36 AM

    This isn't really a comment on "Danger" (though it is great and it is great to see all the pictures of your life). Just wanted to say that Crimmins pointed me here during the diaspora and I'm glad you guys made it home. This is all so you and it gives me a nice warm feeling. I've been catching up on old posts when I can't sleep. There is something very strange and postmodern about reading a blog so you can feel caught up with someone you are totally out of touch with. Yoga seems so long ago...anyway, I love and miss you all, even the one I haven't met yet.

    Oh, and I thought you'd appreciate this: originally, Gabriel planned to be Gollum for Halloween, and Crimmins was going to be Gandalf, so Gabriel said I had to be Bilbo. I pleaded to be allowed to at least be Frodo, but Gabriel insisted on Bilbo, as he is much more familiar with The Hobbit than LOTR. But then I was saved when he decided to be Luke Skywalker--I sewed his costume, I kid you not, from my old khaki Gap jacket--and I got to be Leia. My brother's girlfriend pinned my actual hair around brown socks, which was genius. Crimmins was supposed to be Han Solo, but showed up with not even a vest and a lame excuse for not having borrowed his roommate's blaster.
    xo xo xo xo

  2. Hey sweetie, great to hear from you. Yes, you know. Well, we are all so po-mo.

    Okay, so now I have to see a photo of this expedition (don't lie and say you don't have one - you will conveniently see an email address in the upper right corner where you can send said photo). And the hair with the brown socks must be featured prominently. Also please include other non-halloween details of your life so we can actually properly be in touch again.

    Ciao, bella.