Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oh, Sweet Jesus!

Apparently for us, making the best of our last week in Austin means eating as much barbecue as is humanly possible.

A couple of days ago we made the pilgrimage to Kreuz Market in Lockhart, about 25 miles away. It was stunning. The place, itself, is amazing, a giant shed-like building with immense smoke pits.

And then there's the meat, sold by the pound. There are lots of hilariously dogmatic rules, no plates, no forks, no sauce, etc. The ribs were genius. The sides were great. And the people watching was fantastic. The dining area is a huge cafeteria-type room. We were definitely in hard-core Texas country. It was fascinating just seeing how people ate there food (particularly in the absence of forks). Some people assembled little brisket sandwiches. Others ate tremendous quantities of sausage with sauerkraut. Everyone had a different combination.

And then there's the wood, the better part of an acre of oak stacked out back, a satisfying sight:

We're going again tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Yay. Thats the place i was talking bout. The place that started with L just ask anybody. Glad you made it. Looks sooooo good. Wish i could just taste. Good luck back in NOLA.

  2. You just found heaven in Texas! They have the BEST BBQ. Lordy you're makin' my mouth water!!

  3. When All-Night Movers were playing shows in Texas someone offered to drive us if we didn't mind a.) listening to Firesign Theatre, and b.) taking the detour to Lockhart/Kreuz Market.

    Mind?? Why, no. And I got to sit in back and do Civil Procedure flash cards. Now that's touring.