Thursday, November 17, 2005

This Blog Is Your Blog, Redux

What did I used to write about in olden times when I still had a brain? Where did I get all of my ideas? Oh, yeah. I stole them all from you.

So let's try this again. What do you want to read about?
  • Chickens.
  • Bad blues.
  • Taints.
  • Disaster and despair.
  • FEMA.
  • The Lost Painting at the End of the Earth.
  • Carnie roofers.
  • Skorts.
  • Culottes.
  • Frogman Henry.
  • Abscesses.
  • I Beat More Dead Horses.
  • How I kind of like the idea of Martian Law.
  • Men At Work.
  • Mold.
  • My cool new bike.
  • Grackles.
  • John Coltrane and the Death of Jazz.
  • "Homesteading"
  • Other.
Place your vote. All requests will be honored* or your money back.

Let the games begin!

* Of course, by "honored" I really mean, "I'll at least think about your request and if I'm not feeling lazy or grumpy will probably write about it, but it's kind of hard to say when, and I make absolutely no assertions about the quality or merit of the responses you receive". How 'bout them apples!


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    carnies please. if skorts, then please also sporks.

  2. Any of the above would be terrific, but "The Lost Painting at the End of the Earth" sounds so mysterious and stuff.

    And someone else has a headstart in the Grackles department.

  3. All business in the front with a party in the back? I gotta go with skorts.

    Or I'd second the carnie roofers.

    Or Martian Law.

    Hell...they all sound good.

  4. are you + the fam going to the gretna heritage fest? what is your opinion on post-katrina chris rose? has there been talk about lowering the drinking age so as to encourage a wider range of patrons to frequent the aching watering holes? can we get an update on the local coffee house scene (ie: what's open? who's there?)? I can imagine that rue is a very different place without the law students... or maybe it isn't so much a law student hangout as it used to be.

  5. Culottes, definitely!

    (What were you doing, trolling Best Baptist sites?)

  6. Anonymous1:11 PM

    hmmm, i vote for martian law, mold, and homesteading. oh, and the lost painting. thank you.

  7. Anonymous1:18 PM


  8. Anonymous2:48 PM

    everything but abscesses -
    but now I am dying to know why they made the list...

  9. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Admitting my ignorance that I do not know what Taints are/is and always wanting to learn more, I vote for Taints. Or did you make a typo and really mean Saints. If that is the case we probably do not want to hear about them. And carnies is on my list, also

  10. Anonymous10:43 AM

    More more Martian Law!

  11. Anonymous10:05 AM

    The Lost Painting at the End of the Earth! (?)

    Culottes (I love to hate 'em)

    Show us your bike!