Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Home, Mobile, Home

FEMA trailers are popping up all over town, sometimes in groups - parking lots, parks - but often just in the driveway or front yard of an uninhabitable house. They offered us one but we declined.

Many are in the middle of really brutalized parts of town with no other inhabitants for blocks around. That has to be a weird life, waking up in the morning, brewing a cup of coffee on your little trailer stove, stepping out on your little trailer stoop, and taking in the sights of your devastated neighborhood.

I'm still waiting to see my first FEMA trailer decorated in Christmas lights.


  1. I was offered a FEMA trailer yesterday. Maybe I should have taken them up on it - it might have doubled my living-space... Plus there's a lot of use for a trailer.

    (just joking - I know there are a lot of people who need one more than me)

  2. The jokes are inevitable. I kind of liked the idea of a FEMA trailer as a weekend getaway: finish up the work week, get somebody to watch the kids, and head over to the trailer for some peaceful R & R amidst the rancid debris, drywall scraps, and broken asbestos tiles that litter our block.

    Oh, and I did see a trailer with Christmas lights last night (two actually).