Friday, December 16, 2005

"How Ya Doin', Baby"

The other night we went down to the Quarter and got beignets. It had been a long time, and they were so good.

Walking back to the car, we went by by the open door of a restaurant kitchen. As we passed, one of the old cooks nodded to Sarah and said "How ya doin', baby". It was our first "baby" since Katrina, and it was remarkably nice to hear.*

* I should probably explain to our farflung readers that I am not a swinger ("as in 'to swing'"), and I do not get off on other men hitting on my wife. "Baby" in the local parlance completely lacks any sexual or romantic overtones and is used strictly as a term of genial affection. Grandmothers call children "baby". Men call their guy friends "babe". It's funny and sweet, and hearing it again is very reassuring.


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Look at dat chere bebe....
    And a nice good beignet too.
    I could have one of those?