Friday, January 20, 2006


This anecdote is dedicated to Maysey.

Sarah overheard the following conversation while waiting in the FEMA line:
"You know they're working on ways for people to live longer. Scientists are doing stuff with mice and are gonna make people live to be a 170. I saw it on 20/20."

"That'd be good. I'd like to live that long. So, how old's your grandma now? How's she doing?"

"Greazy? She's in her seventies, but she looks really good. She's doing real well."

"That's good. Now, tell me how she got that name again?"

"Well, we bought her an answering machine, you know, so she could get messages, but she couldn't figure out how to use it, and now when you call her it just picks up and says, 'greazy!' We started calling her Greazy, and it just stuck."

"How'd she get 'greazy' on there?"

"She doesn't know. She thinks maybe she was talking about chicken."
* Southern for "greasy."


  1. Maybe she had Cluckitis.

    (BTW, a Muppet Show episode with both Roger Miller and tons of chickens - that's just Slimbolala all over)

  2. Roger Miller and chickens? I've seen the Holy Land!

  3. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I can only try to guess why this excellent anecdote has been dedicated to me, I hope it is not a reference to my hair or my scrambled eggs. Probably, Greazy has something in common with Doctor Diggie (soft g's) and Bubbles. Doctor Diggie was the first name my two year old self, as the oldest grandchild, gave to my grandmother, who later came to be called Jane Day (her first and last names ) by anyone in my generation. I'm sorry Dr. Diggie didn't stick, because it probably would have "run her right along the very rim of sanity" when she dragged her visiting grandchildren out of bed at 3am to accompany her on rounds at the hospital. As if waking up in the middle of the night weren't punishment enough, we were always made to spend quite a long time at the bedside of the Man with the Wooden Leg. I wish he had known to call her Dr. Diggie too, I just think it would have brightened up anyone's middle of the night. But, she could have handled it. This is a woman who had a way with words and appreciated twists and turns of the phrase. And she cursed like a sailor. I have always thought that small children calling their grandmother by their full name was also weird, though, so I don't feel her legacy was in any way weakened by the switch. Bubbles is my mom's grandmother-moniker. I guess it doesn't fall into the Greazy category because she chose it herself before something worse happened. I was totally perplexed at the choice and finally asked her why, her reply was a very snappish and sharp "because I'm not." After that I let it lone. Thanks, Slimbolala, for making that connection. Can you make a drawing of Greazy?