Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Weird Event #3,947

Although the normal index is slowly rising in some parts of town, not a day goes by without some exceptionally strange thing happening that reminds one how far we still have to go.

Today I took a break from the coffice to go to my actual office for the first time since the storm and retrieve my belongings. Man, it was weird- three big new buildings, 5 stories each, where about twelve hundred people went to work each day - all completely unusable, drenched, infested with mold. They didn't take an inch of floodwater but all had extensive roof damage and will be vacant for months to come.

The parking lot was full of work trailers, makeshift offices for a some of my coworkers. Giant, industrial dryvacs were airing out the buildings. Biohazard signs covered all the doors. Dumpsters were lined up, full of moldy office chairs and other debris.

And on the ground floor of the parking garage were rows and rows of boxes with everybody's stuff (well, the stuff that survived), arranged in some incomprehensible order. A handful of us were there, wandering through, trying to find our belongings. I eventually found my box, opened it up, and saw those books and knick-knacks that I'd left in my desk that innocent Friday afternoon so long ago.


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    sounds like a sci-fi moment...

  2. Exactly! Definitely E.T. - giant tubes, Feds in hazmat suits. Certainly some X-Files - row after row of human identities stored in a giant institutional setting. And I'm feeling some Close Encounters although I can't point to a specific reference.