Monday, January 09, 2006

"What Kind of Turkey Is This?"

Our friend recently related the following anecdote. She was at the grocery store deli counter getting sliced mini-Swiss cheese. As Deli Lady #1 wrapped up her order, Deli Lady #2 started to clear off the slicer. She picked up the cheese, turned to Lady #1, and asked "what kind of turkey is this?"*

* Typical customer service in New Orleans is, depending on your point of view, hilariously or infuriatingly bad. Our friend, who had just recently returned to the city interpreted this little vignette as a heart warming "welcome home".


  1. I am so glad that New Orleanians are enjoying classic moments like this again. Where did this take place?

  2. I'm under the impression it was the Tchoupitoulas St. Sav-A-Center though I'm not positive.