Monday, February 06, 2006

The Annotated World of Louise

Don't understand your kids any more? Feel like they're living in a different world? Well guess what. They are! To learn more about this strange kinder-world, study the following illustration produced by a real child and annotated by trained kinder-world specialists:

Click for larger image

So next time your child isn't listening to you, don't take it personally. Realize, they're probably just distracted by the fairy floating outside the window or the giant, disembodied heart in the sky. Maybe they're watching a watering can hover over the ground. Or, if they're more pragmatically inclined, they're probably wondering how this year's Meyer* lemon and vegetable crops are going to fair.

Really, who can blame them.

* Yeah, I just realized I spelled it wrong in the illustration. Sue me.


  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    What a beautiful, happy picture, though!

  2. You know what my second favorite thing about this is? (the first being the floating water can, of course)

    It's your encouragment of your daughter's creativity. It's incredible. Maybe it comes from being creative yourself, but I imagine she'll thank you someday for understanding.

  3. Thanks. I really appreciate that.