Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"It's in the Mail"

I'm not joking about the mail system. It's still effed up. Letters typically arrive weeks or months late. For a long time there was a moratorium on all periodicals. This has officially been lifted but remains de facto in effect. We are considered exceptionally lucky for having received three New Yorkers in the past three months (I know, I know - it's tragic).

Somebody, call up Condé Nast and tell them to arrange an air drop. What a beautiful thought: thousands and thousands of magazines fluttering down from the heavens like so many cultured, chic, and fabulously up-to-date doves.*

* And don't worry, Mr. Lawyer Man. We promise not to sue if one of them clunks us in the head.


  1. I think that an airdrop from Conde Nast would be lovely. Also, The New Yorker should show up and have a mini festival in NOLA.