Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Look, Ma! I'm a Squirrel!

I said my parentage was unambiguous, but now I'm not so sure. Let me tell you about a dream I once had, the first dream I can remember:

It's set in Perth, Australia, my home for the first two years of life. I'm walking with my (biological) parents along a straight, two lane road high above the city. On either side are short grassy embankments, then cliffs plunging straight down a mile to the city below. As we walk, I suddenly turn into a squirrel, slip down an embankment, and plunge over the cliff into open air. I fall down to the city, return to human form, and am adopted by my new family (curiously, my adoptive parents look exactly like my biological parents - this detail never troubled me).

For several years of my early childhood I simply assumed that this was a memory, not a dream, and that I was, in fact, adopted. Only later, as my empirical knowledge of the world grew and I learned that transmogrification is exceptionally rare, did I conclude this was a product of my unstrung toddler-imagination.

But now I'm wondering if there was some truth to it. Ma. Pa. 'Fess up. Did I really descend from the skies in the form of a small, bushy-tailed rodent? Could this other Mr. Olivier be my biological father who I parted company with on that lonely highway so many years ago? I need to know.


  1. Wow. Flying and shapeshifting is very special. You beat out my perpetually lawn-mowing-dessert-loving imaginary friend named Timmy any day.

    The first dream I remember occured as a combined reality and fantasy. I came down with pneumonia at two and was hospitalized. When my mother finally came to get me, I remember that she was wearing a beautiful green velvet blazer, But then the memory cuts to dream world because the next thing I know, I am placed on a conveyor belt, grocery style, to be checked out. I am "checked out" among various, odd plaques on the belt that I assume where residual memories of doctor's credentials that I had seen on the walls of doctor's offices. I have deduced that I was in and out of napping on my other's shoulder when I heard, in toddler dreamland, the words "check out" of the hospital and the above image is what popped into my head as we left the hospital.

  2. Excellent. Let's try to map these to various well-known authors. Yours is distinctly Orwellian. I think mine has a little Gabriel Garcia Marquez magic realism thing going on.

  3. very good, very good.

  4. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Actually you were a baboon and it was the cliffs of Kenya you were dreaming about.