Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Misguided-Hipster-Run-Amok Greazy

Speaking of greazy, I regularly see this guy with the greasiest hair you can possibly imagine. He's seems like a perfectly decent fellow, but it's out of control. And it's not a natural, bless-his-heart, biological misfortune kind of greasy. It's a deliberate, I-think-this-looks-good, misguided-hipster-run-amok greasy, as if, each morning he opens up the bottle of Wesson oil, pours out a quarter cup, drizzles it over his scalp, and works it in with his finger tips. What's up with that?*

* Does anybody remember the Saturday Night Live skit where Jerry Seinfeld hosts a terrible, "observational humor"-comedian game show and the contestants have to guess the right joke. They always end everything with "what's up with that?" Or something like that. I'm fuzzy on the details and too lazy to Google it, but I remember it was brilliant.

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