Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Big changes are afoot in the Slimbo household. Perhaps you didn't know, but before her stint as Mrs. Mom, Sarah was an urban planner. And guess what. New Orleans needs planning! So my lovely lady is rejoining the work force. Lookout, forces of blight and chaos. Begone, anarchy and bad zoning. There's a new sheriff in town! From the moldy ashes of Old Orleans will arise a new and visionary city of the future: Sarah-opolis!

Exactly how will she be applying her mad planning skillz? Why, she'll be the liaison between FEMA and the city planning department. Yes, I know - equal parts "wow" and "yikes." You can't get much more in the thick of it than that. But somebody's got to do it, and it might as well be someone who's extremely smart and capable and loves our city.

Also, I'll be quitting my day job to function as her full-time kickback coordinator. Just joking, Mr. FEMA! We don't take kickbacks, but we do take requests. I've requested that the city not turn our house into greenspace, but that they do put some greenspace in the neighborhood - like a lovely little park right across the street (sorry, neighbors - get your own damn urban planner).

I've also requested that the French Quarter be put on a giant, revolving pedestal providing breathtaking views of the river and surrounding environs. Think about it: the tourists will love it, it's resistant to flooding, and it will be really super-ultra-futurismo-bad-ass-cool like the Jetson's.

So, if there's anything you want, just let us know. The sky's the limit, baby!


  1. oh, wow -- congratulations to sarah on the spiffy new job! she's truly hitting the ground running...

  2. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Yay Sarah!!!

  3. Congratulations!

  4. [Lori]: Best wishes on the new gig, Sarah!