Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"You Don't Just Roll Out of the House with a Messed-Up Fade."

Welcome to Tonsorial Week here at Slimbolala. KP has requested a picture, and what she wants, she gets. So, voila!

The Fade. I hope, KP, it's everything you dreamed it would be.

And stay tuned for the rest of Tonsorial Week. We'll be covering other exciting styles such as:
  • The Even Steven
  • The Reverse Fade
  • The Ultra-Mullet
  • The Shama Lama Ding-Dong
  • The Feral Cat
  • The Day After
  • The Condor
  • The Reverse Condor
  • The Bowery Boy
  • The Cathedral
  • The Spittle and Blackstrap
  • The Hellraiser
  • The Chunker

Am I forgetting anything?


  1. O I C -- thank you for the pix -- very enlightening! and, once again, kudos to your drawing skills!

  2. oh please, let's see the feral cat!

  3. What about 'The Starburst'?

  4. Can the ultra mullet also be the she mullet? Or is that a totally different animal?

  5. Mmm, I think the she-mullet can be an ultra-mullet, in which case it's an ultra-she-mullet (in contrast to the less daring conventional she-mullet).