Thursday, March 16, 2006

Man Against Beast IV: The Hitchcock Edition

This morning as I was sitting inside the coffee shop, and let me repeat inside the coffee shop, I felt something smack into the side of my head. It was a pigeon, ricocheting back and forth between the window and myself until it knocked over my coffee and landed on the windowsill.

Another patron managed to catch it in a bundle of newspaper. And of course, you know what happened then...


  1. Wasn't that a Carnie Roofer song, "(My Heart is Just a) Pigeon in the Coffee Shop"? Or am I confusing it with her other big hit, "Your Love Chops Me Up (Like a Snake on the Chicken-House Roof)"?

    (Slimbolology, n., the mythological milieu pertaining to the creation and evolution of running in-jokes on Slimbolala)