Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pop Quiz: Julie Andrews Edition*

Enough about me. Let's hear about you.

Pop quiz: What's your favorite pair of shoes and why?**

* Bonus points for explaining the obtuse and not particularly funny title of this pop quiz.

** Unlike most other Pop Quizzes, you're almost guaranteed to get this one right. Unless you're deeply self-deluded, in which case failure to successfully identify your favorite pair of shoes is probably the least of your troubles.


  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Still my old Fluevog "angelic" shit-kickers.
    I dropped them off to be repaired before leaving for New Orleans (they asked what happened to them? when I did).
    When they called to say they'd be an extra week (I'd have to go to the lower Ninth Ward without them), I went right back and had the chic Fluevog salesboys dig them out of the store room, and give 'em back.

    And for the bonus points:

    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
    Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
    Brown paper packages tied up with strings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
    Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
    Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
    Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
    Silver white winters that melt into springs
    These are a few of my favorite things

    When the dog bites
    When the bee stings
    When I'm feeling sad
    I simply put on my fah-havorite shoes
    And then I don't feel so bad

  2. Oh, and I'm glad you took the bait. I thought people liked to talk about their feet and was getting a little worried by the deafening silence. That'll learn me to start a Pop Quiz on a Saturday. Stupid Slimbo! Stupid! Stupid!.

    And really there are so many correct answers. For example:

    I like my six inch, patent leather platform boots because they make me feel like a sexy, vampire giantess.


    I like my slightly too small wingtips because they hurt my feet and it's only through pain that I know I'm alive.


    I like my Espadrilles because they make me feel like Ernest Hemingway writing The Sun Also Rises except I mainly just do the excessive drinking part and not really any of the writing part, but that's okay because I really like drinking and I don't actually like writing.

    See. It's easy!

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  4. I only own one pair of shoes at a time not a monkish vow or anything more like the clothes I wear are almost all at least ten years old so why buy new ones--or if I do own more than one pair of shoes there are the ones I wear to paint and garden and the ones I wear to do everything else and right now I can't say that either of the two pairs I currently own are my favorite I have to go back to senior year high school the pair of blue Chuck Taylor hightops I bought I know blue how cheesy when I could have gone classy black and white but you don't understand how painfully shy I was in high school hiding behind my long bangs and heavy coats and not talking to girls so when I showed up at the CCS semifinal football game in the blue chucks and my long bangs and heavy coat you can imagine how good I felt when Michelle said hey nice shoes. It wasn't too long after that that I discovered beer, too.

  5. To Hh and Slim:
    I got some angel shit kickahs (you ah a Bawstin gi-rl, now)I love, too. But mostly I like my before-they-sold-out-to-the-sweat shops-Jack Purcells. They have the gardening benefit of not picking up dog feces, unlike the aforementioned deeply knotched shit trappahs. However, they do absorb post-Katrina roofing nails rather well.
    Another useful New England saying:
    f'd if ya do, f'd if ya don't.

    To Portipoint:
    I hid behind bangs and a London Fog coat. I saved up and did one white and one black hightop Chuck. Nobody in their MC Hammer pants complimented me at Massabesic High School. I like blue, too.

  6. Hey so are we having farm story week after the Mardi Gras hubbub settles?

  7. Yes. Farm Week will resume shortly.

  8. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Would it be too foolish at this point for me to admit that my most favorite shoes of all time are my olive green espadrilles that I bought in Catalonia and that following, at a close second, were a pair of wing tips that did initially hurt my feet but which eventually broke in. Nearly all of the affectations you have associated with such shoes did, in fact, apply.

  9. Would it be too foolish at this point for me to admit that my most favorite shoes of all time are my six inch, patent leather platform boots (ssh! don't tell!). Nearly all of the affectations I have associated with such shoes did, in fact, apply.

    So sexy. So vampiric. So giant. Rrowr!

  10. Anonymous2:34 PM

    my white capezio 2 inch heeled "student footlights". my favorites for obvious reasons!! duh.

  11. i had a number of favorites (my earth shoes -- sooooo comfy, my bandolinos -- sooooo comfy, my desert boots -- sooooo comfy) but my all-time favorites were a strappy pair of 3" wedges (have forgotten the brand) that i always wore when hubby and i went two-steppin' -- never a sore tootsie all night!

  12. Alright, I'll admit...I love my patent, chartruese, faux snakeskin, thong Birkenstocks. Mostly because they are so aesthetically challenged.

  13. It used to be my mary jane doc martins that yes, weigh 1 1/2 lbs each and sport bandaids to protect my feet from their worn insides... But as my have feet grown to gargantuan porportions, (sadly) during my last six months of pregnancy, I would say my new favorites are my ventilated neon pink crocs that weigh 3oz. each. It could be said that this is an impractical choice considering the Maine winter season,but who minds a little frostbite when you look so cool?
    Note: "Cool" is a relative term, to me it means that while in the grocery store the other day, my shoes caused a little girl to remark ( much to her mother's embarrassment) "Look Mom, that lady has cartoon feet!"