Friday, March 24, 2006

"Price Check, Aisle Three"

About a decade ago when we first lived here, one of the the big grocery stores employed a couple of teenage gals on rollerskates. If a customer needed a price check, they were on it, zipping down the aisles and returning with the results in a flash. It was beautiful, apparently too beautiful for this world because after a year or so it stopped - presumably "exposure to lawsuits," etcetera, etcetera.

Has anyone seen this elsewhere? I haven't. Is it a "thing" or just a one time, glorious anomaly?


  1. this was in the superstore near tipitina's yes?

  2. The Real Superstores were owned by Loblaw before Schwegmann bought out his biggest competition. They still have Real Canadian Superstores, and they still have the rollerskates up there (check out the post by Paula Rennie here)

  3. Ms. NOLA,


    Fungible Resource,

    Wow! Will you be in my secret army of the future? We need you on our side.

  4. Absolutely - if you need information on the enemy, I'm your man!

    BTW, one thing I forgot to mention. If you take the red and orange Loblaw logo (that looks like an L) and rotate it clockwise, you get the red and orange National-Canal Villere logo (that looks like an n). I don't know if they still have the sign up on the abandoned Canal Villere at Carrollton and Claiborne.

    I always thought that was pretty cool. Then again, maybe what was cool was when the light in the big C in Canal Villere was out, leaving a sign that said anal Villere.

  5. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Check out what I posted about your post. :) I do miss Schwegmann's...