Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Last night I dreamt I was in yoga class. As we were doing Downward Dog, I was hit by the smell of cigarette smoke. I looked up and saw that my instructor, Becky, was smoking a cigarette. Then I looked around and saw that other members of the class (which was suddenly populated by various cool-kid smokers I've know over the years) were also smoking.

I asked Becky, "What are you doing?"

She responded, "I'm sorry. Is this bothering you?"

"Well, it's kind of weird."

"I'm sorry. I'll put it out." Then she requested that the rest of the class do the same.

The other students glared at me. Finally class ended. I protested, "Look, I'm not a stickler about this! It was just kind of distracting." They said nothing, one by one lighting up cigarettes, blowing smoke in my face, and silently walking out the door.


  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    David, I'm so sorry I was blowing smoke in your face during class. How rude! Funny that only tonight I was talking with a fellow yoga teacher about our yoga class dreams where our students aren't listening to us, they are walking in and out of class at randome, talking on cell phones or amongst themselves or we're teaching in rooms with walls where students can't be seen...

  2. Actually, Becky, although you were smoking, you never blew it in my face. It was those pesky students who were so hostile.