Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bueno! Bueno!

One of the things we were sad to leave behind when we returned home from Austin was the incredible Mexican food (historically, New Orleans has had slim pickings in this regard). But now it has arrived, on wheels, following in the wake of our massive influx of migrant workers. Taco stands have sprung up where day workers congregate, and trucks travel from work site to work site, selling their wares out of the back.

Yesterday I stopped at a stand, El Chapparal, parked in the lot of the moldified Wagner's Meat on Claiborne at MLK* and got three beef tacos, a roasted jalapeno, and a Mexican Coke. It was the real deal. It was good.

* This flooded-out stretch of Claiborne has become a central hub of the migrant worker populace, with many living in the upstairs rooms of motels and apartments nearby, waiting for jobs in the parking lots of various defunct gas stations and business, and buying food from the several vendors that have sprung up to serve their needs.


  1. Yes! That's where Nagin was shakin' hands the other day, handing out flyers with pictures of himself glowing like Our Lady of Guadalupe!

  2. Mexican Coke has sugar cane in it.
    That's why it tastes so damned good. It's the real thing, Virginia.

  3. Anonymous10:32 PM

    that is the best photo i ever saw,
    sara essex