Thursday, April 27, 2006

Get That Man a Record Contract!

Wesley is talking about absurd fantasy bands with ridiculous puns in their names. Here's mine:

I grew up largely in Virginia. I fall roughly within the long-tall-drink-of-water body type. I'd like to get myself an all-girl backing band. We'd call ourselves:
Virginia Slim and the You've Come a Long Way Babies
Of course, we would all have to smoke goofy, skinny, girlish cigarettes throughout every performance. And the corporate sponsorship would be a no-brainer. Come on, this is big money. We'll make a mint (menthol mint, that is), selling sleek sophistication and death to millions of debonair ladies around the world!


  1. I know i'm wicked, but:

    The Maine Vanes

    Everybody wears phallic weather vanes on their heads. And I guess Heff is the sponser, since we are going with a vices theme, it seems.