Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Slimbo's Fashion Tips: the Error of the Evanescent Eyebrow

Our series continues. Today's tip:

Overplucked eyebrows are a mark of lunacy:

So, if you:
a. aren't insane
b. are insane but want to trick people into thinking you aren't
c. simply prefer not to look perpetually stunned
you will do well to avoid them. Thank you. That is all.

Ask and ye shall receive.


  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I am wondering if there is a separate diagram for men.
    I know eye brow plucked men and not only might they be called batshit crazy for it, there is something else going on...

  2. Is this educational chart for women or men? I suppose more women than men can get away with plucked eyebrows, since female entertainers/supermodels/strippers/socialites regularly pluck. However, I've known a few men to pluck as well: again, entertainers/supermodels/strippers/socialites. I've found that the majority of plucking within male circles appears on the faces of many a gay male. However, I protest this, personally, and refuse to pluck. Because you're right, I don't want to go batshit crazy. Thank you for your academic illustration.

  3. Brilliant. Tufte-esque.

  4. Whah-whah-whah-rdf-rdf-whah-whah... Tuft-esque: one of the highest complements you could pay me.

    As for the intended gender, I was thinking of women at the time I did the diagram (though it may be more broadly applicable). Yes, some men do pluck, but men seem to be prone to a somewhat different error. Women tend to go to thin. Men tend to overpluck the area between the brows, resulting in a disconcertingly bare, shiny and weird-looking bald strip.

    Regardless of gender, if you're going to take the trip to plucky-town, the intention should be to enhance what nature has given you, not take a freakish right-turn away from it.

    Thus sprach Slimbothustra