Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"Bessie, Nephanie"

We try to have a sit-down dinner every night. And I try to maintain proper Fifties-TV-show-dad protocol: "Sarah, how was your day?", "Louise, how was your day?", "June, how was your day?"

Sarah and Louise manage to summon well-rounded, articulate accounts of all that has happened. June is a little different. She invariably just recites the names of her nursery school teachers:
"Bessie, Nephanie"*
Twice in recent weeks, Miss Bessie has been out sick. On these days, June's response is merely:
What goes on in that little mind? Does she think this enumeration is an adequate summation of the essence of her day? Or is she merely trying to shut me up so she can continue eating? Hmm...

* "Nephanie" is June's best attempt at the name, "Stephanie."

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  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Being an astute young lady, June has learned at a very early age that the less you talk at meals, the more time you have to eat. She loves to eat. so there you have it!!