Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More Fascinating Tidbits From My Dazzling Life

Have I talked about my running shoes? They're a-okay, and I got them cheap, which I suspect has something to do with their name:
I wonder what they extrude.


  1. Logically, if an intruder is someone who breaks into houses, an extruder is one who breaks out of houses, right?

  2. I like imagining the marketer brainstorming session behind this:

    "What about Intruder?"

    "Yeah, that's got a good sound to it."

    "But doesn't it sound kind of like a rapist or something."


    "What if we make it more extreme. How about Ex-truder?"

    "Yeah, that's good."

    "Doesn't 'extrude' mean to, like, squeeze something out or something? Isn't that a little gross?"

    "Shut up, dictionary boy. We're going with Extruder."