Friday, May 26, 2006


Yesterday, Sarah met some friends for lunch. They were seated near two tables of very Uptown ladies. The two tables exchanged introductions. "So-and-so, do you know so-and-so? So-and-so, do you know Muffy?"

Muffy, huh? I didn't think any Muffys actually still existed. Sure, the nickname was probably assigned long before "muff" acquired its current connotations, but I assumed the Muffys would have all quietly dropped it long ago in favor of something a little less, um, gynecological - Buffy, or Cookie, or something.

And speaking of gynecological, a college friend had a sister with an even more problematic family nickname. Pussy. I ain't lyin'. They have photo albums full of pictures with labels like "Pussy on the beach." Our friend explained that his parents were both Lutheran ministers and consequently not tuned in to the names vulgar resonations. I suppose so, but really? Pussy?

I wonder what they called their cat?


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Pussy could marry that guy on The Sopranos, and you could introduce them as Pussy and Big Pussy.

    If you're named Muffy, you're destined to marry a guy named Biff. It's the law.

  2. I tried to tell you all about Muffy! That's when I heard the Pussy story for the first time. I have met her! BUT, I couldn't describe her to you. There was a blinding light from the shock of the name that obscured my view.

    Ever since meeting her, I scan the society section(when I think of it) for her name or maybe, maybe an ever better one.

    Like D. Allenbrook's kid -wasn't he "Cuppie" or something?

    Even better...maybe there is another Muffy running around?

  3. Anonymous7:20 PM

    My husband has an Aunt Muffy.

  4. Very funny nickname story. I'm married to a woman nicknamed Muffy, and names like that are pretty common were we live...Chips, Bunny's , Ceci's, Cookie's, Mitsie, Todd, Skip's, etc...

    We are still out there!!!

  5. Oops. I knew I was gunning for trouble by making fun of someone's name in a public forum like the internet. But, Todd, you seem to be a good sport. Thank's for stopping by.

  6. "Cookie" was a popular nickname for men during WWII, generally given to the fellows in the mess tent like my grandfather, Merrill "Cookie" Farnsworth. We called him Grandpa Cooks.

    The Disney animated film Atlantis has a character with the same nickname and surname, and yes, he was related to the guy who invented television.

    I also know some people with a cat named Muffy, but as for Pussy, well, if a Bond Girl can do it, why not a society dame?

    Love this blog.

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