Thursday, May 18, 2006

New Orleans' Finest Drive Sewell

Get it? Get it? It's a reference to New Orleans police "commandeering" a large number of cars from the Sewell dealership in the wake of the storm. Very cheeky. Very cheeky, indeed.

Can somebody please compile a compendium of Katrina-specific humor? Make it so.


  1. Anonymous9:46 PM

    I love it. About that compendium - I think you're just the man.
    Some of my favorites? The iconic bumper sticker "New Orleans, Proud to call it home" which has now sprouted up on brand new SUVs all over town, morphed into "New Orleans, Proud to swim home". Actually, I hate that one but it is kind of classic New Orleans humor.
    Another favorite is the bayou exhibit at the zoo. Have you seen it since they reopened? The shack on stilts in the water now has a blue tarp on the roof and a spray painted sign on the front reminiscent of the animal control tagging we see everywhere. Except instead of "2 dogs dead" or "no animals found" the zoo sign says "8 alligators - fed".

  2. Excellent. Excellent. What else? There was the annual Christmas model railroad installation at the mall which this year featured roof top rescues and the like. We've previously covered the houses in the middle of the street with the "Witch here ->" installations. Hmm and there's been no end of refrigerator humor. And t-shirts. Plenty of cheeky t-shirts.

    What else?

  3. Yes, yes, the Lakeview shopping mall Christmas village complete with helicopter rescues and blue tarps.

  4. Anonymous2:06 PM

    uhhhh... our current mayor? Have you seen (or more precisely heard) the product Da Mayor in Your Pocket? It features classic Rayspeak like "Excuse my French everybody in America" and "Let's fix the biggest Goddamn crisis in the history of this country." Of course the infamuos MLK day speech inspired a few.

  5. We're on a roll, folks. Compendium, here we come!

  6. I wouldn't have gotten it, so I am glad that you explained it. As it is, I think it is HIlarious....