Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Smurf-Test

Can somebody please make one of those personality tests,* but instead of spitting out some sort of INTP, ENTJ alphabet soup mumbo-jumbo, it would tell you which smurf you are. Or even better, a combination of smurfs broken down by percentage: i.e. 47% Brainy, 25% Clumsy, 11% Sloppy, 10% Nosey, 7% Smurfette. Smurf-identity is a tremendously powerful (and, to date, under-utilized) analytical tool.

And then we could graph people in n-dimensional smurf-space.

* Sounds like a job for Doctor Jeff.


  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    There's a pretty weak one here

  2. Your ideas crack me up. I love this.