Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Facial Tattoos? What's Up With That?

Welcome to an exciting new feature "What's Up With That?" Tuesdays. Our first installment:

Facial tattoos? What's up with that? Once you get a facial tattoo you're pretty much committing yourself to one of three career paths:
  1. Death metal guitarist.
  2. Life long penitentiary inmate.
  3. Line cook.
Or perhaps some combination of the three.


  1. We once had a friend who was a tattoo artist, back in the day when we were much cooler and far more hip. One night we were all hanging out and he was trying to convince another mutual friend of ours not to go ahead and get a facial tattoo. To quote the artist:

    Dude, if you go for the face tat, there are two things you'll never hear again in your life -
    1. You're hired.
    2. We find the defendent Not Guilty, your Honor.

    True dat, double true....

  2. Doh! How could I forget? There is one other career option available. What is it? Carnie roofer, of course.

  3. yes a combination of the 3 I believe