Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Fraid of Ghosts

I've been listening to various BBC radio shows on the internet, and I just adore those quirky, oh-so-British little smartypants games they play. "What do you call a group of ghosts?" "A fraid of ghosts." "Oh-ho! Brilliant! Unbelievable!" My favorites are the ones where I never really understand what's going on, and I can't tell if I'm getting lost in the cultural gap or if there just really are no discernible rules and objectives other than being absolutely, devilishly clever, and I laugh anyway, although I can't tell you why.

Can we start one of those? How does one do that?

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  1. Tonight on "The Archers" - Shula confronts her husband about his gambling problem. They agree that it must be resolved. Meanwhile, there are goings-on at the farm and the boys play in a cricket match. Tonight on ... "The Archers".

    Gotta love actual radio shows! It was quite nice have the Hitchhiker's Guide series 3-5 available over the internet as well...