Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Louise's Anticipated Career Trajectory

  1. "Bug scientist" (or, alternately, "Space scientist").*
  2. Astronaut.
  3. Restaurateur. Her restaurant will serve tomatoes and hummus.** Adults will drink water and cocktails such as margaritas. Kids will drink milk.
* She is operating on the understanding that being a scientist is a common prerequisite for being an astronaut.

** Neither of which she'll eat herself.


  1. Until I got to your **, I was thinking, "Wow, Louise is such an adventuresome eater for a wee one. They must go to Mona's at least weekly." Pretty selfless of her to serve food she won't eat herself.

  2. Where does Louise write her tell all book or get her own TV show?

    Yes, an outpost of Mona's must be in her future. I learned about it at 16 so I'm glad she didn't have to wait that long.