Friday, June 23, 2006

Rain of Terror

After the storm, when we moved into our current, smaller digs, we got the girls bunk beds. Of course, in this safety-conscious era, it was covered with all sorts of warnings. Here's one, though, that I don't remember seeing:
Warning! The occupant of the top bunk may come down with severe stomach flu in the middle of the night, causing said occupant to vomit blindly over the edge of the bunk into the darkness below, raining foulness on a remarkably large area including, most unfortunately, said occupant's little sister in the bottom bunk.
I wish they'd told me. It would have better prepared me for the events of last night.


  1. Oh - ugh.

    Do you think this is the "storm cloud" that Louise was trying to warn you about a short while back?????

  2. Rolling Chunder, Hear My Cry?

    LLA-- good one.

  3. Poor dears! I hope they've both recovered by now...