Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hobo Stick

Louise has recently expressed an interest in getting a pogo stick. Except she keeps calling it a "hobo stick."* I find this extremely funny.**

* The internet is a weird place and a constant reminder that their truly is nothing new under the sun. I just found a recipe for "Hobo Stick Popcorn" on a Girl Scouts website. ("Mmm, delicious. You can really taste the hobo.") Personally, I thought Hobo Stick might make a good deodorant brand: "Hobo Stick, so effective you can skip a month."

** Of course, I find the word "hobo" extremely funny in general and use it frequently which is almost certainly the cause of Louise's malapropism.


  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    "Hobo" is a great word and should be used more by the general populace. Maybe you could market an extreme hobo stick. That way one could skip more than a month.

  2. Anonymous10:18 PM

    um, Xtreme Hobo?

    : transients attempt to succumb to pathos, and triumph as sad clowns in velvet.

    there's an oxymoron or two in there, i think. and unseen in the infinite depths of black velvet is the weight of indelible viciousness shouldered by the garish penitents.

    or maybe Xtreme Hobo Stick.

    : boxcar willie breaks the aching dullness barrier with a single sproing, inspiring insane clown posse to perform smelly aerial feats hitherto only imagined in isolated reveries - unremembered, rotgut-induced, staggering reveries.


    alliteratively, there's Xtreme Heebee Jeebies, where little girls scare each other with gross-out proportions.

    i'm pretty sure 3 out of 5 hoboes are named slim.

    a very cool acquaintance of mine by the name of tim meahan used to jump trains with a talented banjo. but that was miles ago.

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM

    We lived in the quarter for a couple years, right at Royal and St. Peter. The A&P's wide selection of malt liquor and the Royal Street pedestrian mall (the street's closed to traffic every day from 11 until 4) turned our corner into what my friends and I called "Hobo Junction." A somewhat inappropriate name, since I think hobo connotes travel, and these guys rarely left the quarter-- but whatever.

    Anyhoo, I knew my 7-year-old son really missed the quarter when he turned to me one day and said sadly, "Mom, remember the hobo fights in front of our old apartment?"

    Now we live in Riverbend, right next to the levee, and there's a bona fide hobo jungle over on the batture.

  4. Ah, yes. We picked some excellent blackberries on the edge of that hobo jungle a little while back. The berries were great, and I got to use the word "hobo" about 20 times in the course of an hour. A topnotch outing.

  5. "3 out of 5 hoboes are named slim"

    Absolutely true. And the other two fifths are named "Fats" (though, curiously, this has no relation to body type - all hobos are skinny).