Monday, July 31, 2006

House of Cards

Has anyone else ever watched House of Cards, the 1990 BBC political drama series starring Ian Richardson as a brilliantly villainous politician with aspirations to the "throne" (which is to say the office of Prime Minister)? Although set in contemporary England, it's utterly Shakespearean, right down to Richardson's sly and delightfully wicked asides to the audience. Oh, what that man can say with a single, coy smirk.

The Brits are extremely good at extremely silly and extremely evil. What's up with that?


  1. On the subject of extremely evil (and extremely silly), did you see that adaptation of Bleak House? Charles Dance did a great evil Tulkinghorn and the dude who played Smallweed was extra-creepy.

  2. House of Cards is amazing, really unlike anything else. It's not so much that Urquhart is evil - it's that the show so completely makes you complicit in his triumphs. It's rooting for the devil!

  3. Fungi, I haven't caught Bleak House, but it sounds like a winner.

    RJ, you're exactly right. He's just so damned likeable. The nastier his manipulations, the more you want him to win.

  4. For a long time after "House of Cards" aired, people at my house were inclined to say, "You might think so, [name]; I couldn't possibly comment."

    Urquhart was infectiously wicked.