Monday, July 10, 2006

Lost Boy

Do you ever feel that the magic is gone? There's no mystery left? Go here.* It will change your mind (and possibly your life).

* I find this particularly hilarious/disturbing because the fellow bears a freakish resemblance to a former co-worker of mine (though my co-worker's bowl-cut was mod-rocker, not impish fairy-child).

Thanks for the tip, Marco.


  1. Oh

    My dream boy. You don't even know.


  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    It's a strange world out there and in here. Tampa's great for that sorta thang. I was there once in the middle 90's with the cast from "Rent". We stayed at a place that had a hot tub and beautiful foliage. It was quite gay and drug ridden. I had a good time despite the fact that Tampa itself is a deadzone. Ibor city was, well, a slight disappointment, except for the cigars.
    Viva NO!

  3. Often over the last few years I've gone back to this site, because despite the ridiculous costumes, he's almost overwhelmingly sincere.

    That wonders like this can still exist in our cruel, cruel world gives me some hope for the future of humanity.

  4. Creeeepy!

    Did anyone see Running Scared? Very creepy! I am so creeped. I am squicked.