Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Unified New Orleans Plan

Okay, so maybe there is no plan. But at least now there's a plan to make a plan. Go check it out and get involved.

Plus, I drew the logo.


  1. And a very nice logo, it is indeed!

    (don't worry - my taste in graphic design far exceeds my taste in television!)

  2. Very nice logo. I like its intention, as well as presentation.

  3. I love the logo too. Nice!

  4. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Who are they?

  5. Good question. Apparently, the answer is, "everybody!" To date the planning process has been a head-spinning alphabet soup of countless acronym-loving community, city, state, federal, and non-profit organizations, all going their own direction with the planning process. But that soup has stewed too long and everything's gotten soggy and overcooked. So now the little letters have decided to mash themselves together into 4 big letters, "UNOP." Supposedly the mayor and city planning and the council and the LRA and the Rockefeller folks and the neighborhood organizations are all on board. The process will be shepherded by "a newly established public/private partnership," the New Orleans Community Support Foundation (NOCSF) working with the individual neighborhood groups, and there will be oversight, input, and funding from various other parties-that-be.

    Or, if you want an explanation that actually makes some kind of sense, go here.

    Sarah's going to the meeting tonight, so hopefully we'll have the inside scoop after that.