Monday, August 14, 2006


I was walking Penny tonight, with Louise tagging along on her bright pink bike. A car drove slowly down the street. The driver nodded. I nodded back. He continued down the block, stopped, and then backed up.

"Excuse me. Can you tell me, didn't there used to be some buildings there?"

"Yeah, they burned down in the storm."

"Oh, okay. It's my first time back in the old neighborhood in a year."

"Welcome home."

"Thank you. It feels good."

"I bet it does."

Seriously, I bet it does - first time home in a year.

It's funny how we're all at different places with this thing. Some have been back since the get go. Some are just coming home. Some are still waiting to come home. Some have decided that they're never coming back. Some have been back and are now deciding to leave. There are so many different, personal paths through this giant communal event, all the individual stories adding up to make the new shape of our city and its people, whatever that may be.

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