Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Joe Goes to the Hardware Store

...picking his nose all the while.*

* Hey, cut me some slack. I don't write this stuff. And technically, skeletons don't have noses, but we'll let that slide.**

** Since, technically, they don't walk around wearing goofy hats and having big, very exciting days either.

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  1. well, since he doesn't have a pocket for his hankies, i mean, what else could he do?

  2. Wait a minute, this is Joe going to the laundromat. We wanted the hardware store, dammit!

  3. Never mind, I just reloaded the page and he's now headed to the hardware store. But I can tell he's giving a sideways glance to the 7-11.

  4. Joe has remarkably little use for a laundromat.