Saturday, August 05, 2006

Joe the Skeleton's Big, Very Exciting Day

From the "Slim's complicated ideas that probably won't go anywhere, but what the hell..." file:

Meet Joe the Skeleton. He's a nice skeleton. He's got a big day today, a very exciting day. What will happen? I have no clue. Why don't I have a clue? That's a broad question, but I'll give the simplest answer. Because you decide what Joe does. You say it. I draw it. He does it.* You say something else. I draw something else. He does something else. Repeat ad infinitum (or ad nauseum, if you prefer). Eventually you or I get bored with the game and quit. Then Joe the Skeleton's Big, Very Exciting Day is over.

What does Joe do first?**

* There are probably some sort of sensible principals that would guide this exercise, but I don't know what they are yet, and it doesn't really matter because this is all just going to crash and burn. (Ooh, look at the pretty fire!)

** But go easy on me, okay. I gotta draw this stuff, so keep it simple.


  1. Pick his nose. (ha, my word verification is gagfyyy. Appropriate!)

  2. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Hits himself in the forehead for not remembering to buy skeleton keys at the hardware store.

  3. Joe's looking like he's in definite need of coffee and maybe a bagel :)

  4. joe goes skipping along with cotton candy in his hand.

  5. fly on a trapeze over a pit of writhing snakes.

  6. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Can Joe suddenly find himself confronted with snakes on a plane?

  7. Anonymous11:34 AM

    To take it from Lee:

    Joe sending in nude pictures of his problem areas....

    Joe entertaining his coworkers with the puppetry antics of mr. penis and his friends...

  8. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Joe gets eaten alive by wolves

  9. LOL...yeah what Will said...I am always amused by anything involving you, skeletons, and/or Mr. Penis!

  10. Anonymous11:16 PM

    is this too obvious?: joe looks in a mirror at his bare self and is seized by a goth existential crisis, but - eureka - rescued by the sudden revelation that his hat either defines him in a sustainable although somewhat random fiction, or reflects his inner being in a way no other material phainomenon is capable of, and therefore that asking the question posed by the hat will become his evangelical lifework
    (tragically failing to realize that the hat was less of either than the mirror itself was).

    the short version: "alas, poor yorick!"

  11. Thats' soooooooo been done.