Sunday, August 27, 2006

One Year

Hmm, as The Anniversary approaches, I find myself looking back over the posts from a year ago. Today is actually the anniversary of my very first Katrina post, an innocent little thing declaring, "I'm sick of hurricanes. At least 'Katrina' sounds like a nasty, Muscovite, femme fatale... Wish us luck." Nasty, indeed. And I though I was sick of hurricanes then...

That was the Saturday before the storm when we suddenly realized this was a thing to be reckoned with, the day we frantically ran around bringing in plants and stashing valuables in the upstairs hallway, eating all the ice cream, and loading up the car; that was the last day we we lived in our house and our neighborhood; that was the day our life took a surprise turn from which it has yet to recover.

It's funny how things work. Sometimes you know when big changes are coming, and sometimes you don't. One day, suddenly, everything is just different.

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  1. What an emotional anniversary this will be for so many! Each day in the next few weeks (months?) will be the anniversary of some very significant, life-altering event. The day we left. The day we saw that the worst had happened. The day we knew that even worse could happen, etc. The last Sunday in August is, for me, the day I discovered that my brother had evacuated and that I had no relatives, but many friends, in harms way. Monday is the day I discovered that, contary to my earlier belief, my brother had refused the offer for help evacuating, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the days of watching the horror unfold, not knowing his fate. Friday was his deliverance day, via the US Coast Guard, and Saturday he was united with family in Houston. Each day so significant to me, but, oh, so much more to those who were there and who lost so much.

    My thoughts are with you and with all touched by this terrible tragedy. Try to cling to the rejoicing for each small part of your former life regained, lest the stress of reliving the horror drag you down into depression. YOU ARE VICTORS! I salute you!